The Jewish Voice for Peace Artists and Cultural Workers Council is a leadership body of 40 acclaimed poets, rock singers, cartoonists, painters, actors, playwrights, novelists, filmmakers, computer programmers, musicians, dancers, performance artists, and other cultural workers. Inspired by Jewish activist and artistic traditions, the Council is made up of Jews and allies who represent a broader network of hundreds of influential and talented artists and makers.

This gallery represents a selection of work by Council Members. Scroll below for images, writing, sound, and video.

A Jew in the Diaspora Writes to the Trees in Israel

Shelby Handler, 2015.

"The Twin Ghosts of Slavery and the Nakba: The Roots that Connect Ferguson and Palestine."

Wendy Elisheva Somerson, 2015.  

Leaving Jordan

Jenny Levison, 2014.

On the servis to Bethlehem.

Danny Bryck, Feb. 2013, West Bank.

"Chicken Fight."  (2014)

Nicole Bindler and Gabrielle Revlock

We, Nicole Bindler and Gabrielle Revlock–award winning choreographers–take a leap into a new discipline: filmmaking! The film, Chicken Fight is a nonlinear, narrative, feminist, comedic tour-de-force about romantic love among the Jewish diaspora, set in Berlin, 2014. Chicken fight is not a dance for the camera, but a narrative film with choreographic sensibilities. What are the skills and techniques that we dance-makers bring to the screen? Has this ever been done before? No. We are working intensively with a screenwriter, dramaturg, director and fight choreographer to create this movie which is inspired by heritage, desire, psychosis, combat, failure, cattiness, Quebecois line dancing, compromise, beauty, primal impulses, endings, kinesthesia, queer theory, spectacle, technology, quantum physics and barbarism. Chicken Fight is named after our favorite game from summer camp where people would fight in pairs with one person sitting on the other’s shoulders. This is the paradox of war; how soldiers must cooperate in order to destroy.